Should i buy a property first than hire a Feng Shui Master?
(28 Feb 2017)

Every house has different Feng Shui potential. Before we purchase

the property, we must find out:

•Does the property has good Feng Shui potential?

•How long will the property’s luck last?

•Is the property suitable for me?
•Will the property help me to achieve wealth and health?

A Geomancer should inspect the property before procurement.

All properties are unique, and good Feng Shui properties are rare.

You should engage a Geomancer before committing your purchase of

the property because Geomancer can identify a property that will

boost your general luck and safeguard you from buying an inauspicious

property. To boost your luck to the highest Level, you will need a

property with the highest Feng Shui potential to support you effectively.

It would be too late if you have chosen a property with very poor


I was invited to audit a house by this couple who were pretty well to do. I warned them that the Feng Shui potential is very poor as the main door of their house is situated at the sickness and misfortune direction. However, they did not take my advice seriously and a year later the couple lost their jobs, and their 2 years old son has contacted cancer.


The couple called me again and seek for my assistance. I told

them to move out of the house immediately as no Feng Shui cure

Is strong enough to turn things around due to the poor potential of their house.


After intensive search by Steve, we were able to identify a house with “Medicine” Qi and recommended to the couple. We were

contented that after the couple moved into our recommended

house, their son’s condition has improved tremendously and

the couple has found their new job