Fengshui Property Team lead by accredited Master Marcel Lim
(08 Sep 2017)

Fengshui Property Team is lead by Master Marcel Lim who is an accrediated Fengshui Master from International Fengshui Association (IFSA). His credentials are highlighted in IFSA: http://www.intfsa.org/View-users-list/AFSM.html

What is International Fengsuhi Association and What is the purpose of accrediation? â€‹

The objectives of the Association shall be to encourage and assist in the development of the Feng Shui practitioners' profession globally, in a manner which enhances the image of the Feng Shui profession and fosters the highest standards of Feng Shui competence and practice. Developing and publishing original studies and papers; conducting meetings and holding congresses and events with a view to promote the best practices of Feng Shui.

The purpose of accrediation is to set standards and provide recognition for competent Feng Shui practitioners who possess the relevant knowledge and practical experiences in the field of Feng Shui practice.

(1) Possess relevant Feng Shui qualifications from approved Feng Shui Schools or Academies
(2)  Have registered a Feng Shui related company for a minimum of 3 (three) years.
(3)  Be at least an Associate Member of IFSA.
(4) Be referred by either a mentor or teacher who is an IFSA accredited Master or Grand Master, an IFSA Executive Committee member or a renowned Feng Shui Practitioner in the industry, as recognized by the Accreditation Board of IFSA.
(5)  Submit a written Feng Shui Audit Report on any case study or previous audit completed by the applicant of not more than 5000 words and not more than 10 A4 size pages, in the format as 

Therefore, Fengshui Property Team is confident of our service and professionalism.