When you select the house, look out for these 8 Stars!
(08 Aug 2017)


Do you know when you select a housing unit, we will need to look at the land sector?


The land sector is divided into 8 parts and each sector has different purpose. Same as Ying and Yang, the sectors are divided into 4 auspicious sectors and 4 inauspicious sectors.

These sectors will contribute to the fengshui of the house.

4 Auspicious sectors

伏位(Fu Wei) : Promotes harmony and support. Residents staying in this sector will gain mutual support and understanding from each other in the  family.                                                             

生气(Sheng Qi) : Promotes wealth and prosperity. Residents staying in this sector will experience good wealth opportunities and  prosperity. 

天医(TianYi) : Promotes academic. Residents with kids are good to stay in this sector. This sector also promotes Nobleman (贵人).

延年(Yan Nian) : Promotes longevity. As this sector promotes good health, it is  recommended for residents with elderly in their family


4 Inauspicious sectors

五鬼(Wu Gui) : Signifies unstable, legal entanglement and betrayal. Residents living in this sector will experience instability in life and gain little support from friends and superior.                                  

绝命(JueMing) : Signifies greed, losses & poor health. Residents living in this  sector will be blinded by greed & result to losses.      

å…­ç…ž(liuSha) : Signifies scandal & loss of wealth. Residents living in this sector will experience out flow of money and difficult to save up   wealth.

祸害(HuoHai) : Signifies obstruction, disputes & separation. Residents living in this sector will experience lots of obstruction.


Every land will have these 8 sectors and it can be determined by a fengshui master. As mentioned, property is about location, location and location. It is the same as Fengshui, we are unable to change fengshui nature of the house as it is dependent on the flow of Qi and geographical landscapes.

Therefore, before you purchase any house, it is advisable to get a fengshui master to audit the premises. Our in house property team will also provide property market reports with our insights. This will help you to structure your property portfolio.

Contact Fengshui Property Team @82002029 and we will provide you with necessary insights. Apart from Fengshui, we will also provide property

*For buyers, we will provide free fengshui consultation for selection of units as long as you engage our fengshui property team

Marcel Lim is a Professional Geomancer and founder of Infinity Feng Shui.

He is an Accredited Master in Feng Shui Practice endorsed by International Feng Shui Association. 

Master Marcel build his solid foundation under the coaching of GrandMaster Vincent Koh, the founder of Singapore Feng Shui Centre. He advanced his learning in professional feng shui with GrandMaster Francis Leyau of Classical Feng Shui School. He later met his mentor, GrandMaster Luo Ma Sheng of Yi Yao School "易爻派". GrandMaster Luo trained him personally and imparted him the essence and various techniques of Yi Yao School.

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